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Ancient Path Adventures

Shavuot Devotional - Commandment City Devotional

Shavuot Devotional - Commandment City Devotional

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Commandment City devotionals for YHWH kids! This digital downloadable devotional features the following.
  • Devotional Scripture of the Week:
    Leviticus 23:15
  • Letter of the Week: BET Pictograph Hebrew

Each devotional is for a week's worth of study (3 days). It features learning activities centered around the scripture and theme of the week:

  • 1 Pictographic Hebrew letter of the week
  • 1 Scripture of the week
  • 3 Stories of the Day
  • Strawberry growing guide
  • Sunflower growing guide
  • 1 wordcross puzzle

Win Ancient Path Kids Merch! 🎨

Post your child's colored coloring page from the devotionals to be entered to win!

How to Enter:

  1. Download the Devotionals
  2. Color the Pages: Let your kids color their favorite page with all their creativity.
  3. Post and Tag: Take a clear photo of your child's completed coloring page. Post it on the Ancient Path Kids Facebook Page OR Tag Us on Social Media: If you prefer to share on your own social media, tag our page and use the hashtag #AncientPathKids.

Monthly Drawing:

  • All entries will be entered into our monthly drawing for a chance to win free Ancient Path Kids merch!
  • There may be different merch each month, so keep participating for a variety of exciting prizes!

Why Participate?

  • Showcase your child's artwork.
  • Stand a chance to win exciting Ancient Path Kids merchandise.
  • Engage with other parents and kids who love Ancient Path Kids.

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