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We are the Creative Ministry that has a passion for YAH (YHWH, Yahuah, AhaYah, Yahweh, The Most High God). We use adventures as tools to help people along their spiritual journey, featuring bible games and more! 

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Ancient Path Adventures

Ancient Path Adventures is a creative ministry offering games, meditations, books, and more for Torah-observant, whole Bible believers in Messiah, dedicated to keeping the commandments. (Yahuah, Ahayah, Yahweh, Yahwah The Most High, God).

We understand there are different dialects to pronounce the Most High's and Messiah's names, so you'll find various pronunciations; however, we regularly use YHWH tetragram to refer to it in writing.

Ancient Path Farms

Ancient Path Farms is a sub-set of our ministry that focuses on all things holistic - health, farming, homesteading, homeschooling and sustainability for YHWH families! Join us as we explore the timeless wisdom of living in harmony with the land and nourishing our bodies.

Ancient Path Threads

Ancient Path Threads offers stylish, scripturally-aligned clothing made from 100% natural materials. Our designs ensure full coverage while keeping fashion in mind. Additionally, you have the option to add fringes, adhering to biblical traditions with every garment.

Ancient Path Kids

Learn the Bible and Torah in fun ways with Ancient Path Kids. A collection of Bible Stories, Torah Lessons, Sabbath Devotions, Animations and Cartoons for YAHUAH (Yahweh God) kids and more!

We bring out the full bible adventures for children and adults alike. Featuring Scripturely, Path Patrol, chapter by chapter stories beginning with Genesis, following Moses and the Red Sea, Christ and more. Come learn with us!