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Promised Land Journey™ Board Game

Promised Land Journey™ Board Game

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Experience the Israelites journey from captivity to the Promised Land in this board game. Undergo their blessings, trials, faith, and also punishments from disobedience to The Most High God, also known as יהוה. By doing so, learn about the commandments of יהוה, also known as the Torah. Bring the rewards of keeping His Torah and the consequences of disobeying it into reality.

Promised Land Journey™ Bible Game Board & Cards

Promised Land Journey™ is a bible game board in which players follow the journey of the Israelites to the Promised Land. Players draw Commandment based cards of Sin, which moves them back, Righteousness, which moves them forward, Uncleanliness, which allows them to purify and Mercy, which redeems them from the penalty of sin. Learn about the commandments (Torah) of God (יהוה), and bring the rewards of obeying them and the consequences of disobeying them to life. The first player to reach the Promised Land wins!



The Torah, a Hebrew word for Commandments, can be found in Genesis to Deuteronomy, as the commandments that were given to Moses. Our objective as God’s children is to love Him and keep His commandments. By doing so, we move forward in life, as keeping the Torah is the opposite of sin. Therefore, the Torah Cards have God’s commandments on them in order to help players learn the commandments while playing.

Promised Land Journey Cards


As much as the journey that the Israelite’s took from Egypt to the Promised Land is important, so is the lesson. By undergoing the Israelite’s blessings, trials, faith, and punishments from disobedience to The Most High in a game setting, we can learn what to do and what not to do in real life. What’s better, making the mistake in real life or in a game?

 Promised Land Journey Game Board Half


Promised Land Journey™ has a wide range of usage settings! What will you use it for?

FOR AGES: 12+    |   NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-5   |   APPX. DURATION: 30-60 MINS

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"WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Game contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years."

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