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The Fringe Strip ™

The Fringe Strip ™

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Removable Fringes

The Fringe Strip™ is a game-changing self-applying fringe that can be put onto or taken off any basic t-shirt! No tools required. Users can take the fringe on and off within minutes. By doing so, you can use one fringe for many shirts and switch up your style all while saving money and keeping the commandments! Choose a size and color.

This is only the self-applying fringe. Want a custom order? Contact Us 


We produce Fringe Strips™ in standard sizes to facilitate the best fit, but it is left to you to choose the right size to ensure the best fit. As Fringe Strip™ lengths correspond with standard unisex cotton t-shirt borders, we recommended measuring your t-shirt first to ensure the most perfect fit. If you would like a custom length, please contact us before ordering. Standard Fringe Strip™ sizings can be found in the sizes dropdown.



Fringe Strip™ colors are currently black, white, purple, red or gold. Types are brush, tassel or bullion fringes with a navy blue border of blue.

Processing Time

Processing time depends on your order type, quantity and queue. Standard processing time can take up to 10 business days. Custom orders can take up to 12 business days.


Applying & Care

For the best fit, it is recommended to apply the Fringe Strip™ on the bottom border of your shirt, right below the hem.

If the Fringe Strip™ must be washed, light hand-washing and/or spot cleaning is recommended.

Note: Brush fringes are more delicate than others. They need extra care and delicate handling due to the type of fringe material.

Manufactured for Promised Land Journey LLC
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WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Product contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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